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Vonia Foods is your guarantee of impeccable quality, food safety and health. We have a wide range of different kind of poultry cuts at our disposal to be able to develop any solution or innovation according to our client requirements.

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Whole hens naked / iwp

Hen wings

Hen leg quarters

Hen breasts

Hen feet

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Heavy hen leg quarters

Heavy hen breast fillets

Heavy hen carcasses

Whole heavy hens

Heavy hen wings

Heavy hennecks

Heavy hen feet

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Whole chicken

Chicken breast fillet

Chicken upperbacks

Chicken lowerbacks

Chicken thighs

Chicken leg quarter

Chicken Drumsticks

Chicken Prime wings

​Chicken 2-joint wings

Chicken Mid-joint wings

Chicken 3-joint wings

ChickenWing tips

Chicken Feet

Chicken Paws

Chicken Gizzards

Chicken Livers

Chicken Tails

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